Dances by The Charleens

Pandora's Box

A new dance inspired by Louise Brooks and jewelry box ballerinas! What kind of dance would they do if they came alive? Al Dubin and Harry Warren explain in their song from 1933 that it's your duty to be beautiful if you want to be loved!

Puttin' On The Tux

The perfect grand finale to any evening, The Charleens dance to "Puttin' on the Ritz", written by Irving Berlin in 1929. The dancers wear tuxedo costumes with matching gold top hats. A little Charleston, a little kick line, a little jazz, this dance has a little something for everyone!


The Black Bottom, although not as well known as the Charleston, was another popular dance of the 1920's. Here it is set to "Arabian Lovers" from 1927 by the incomparable Duke Ellington. We aim to take you back in time to a dark night club with a mesmerizing floor show of fetching femme fatales.

Tranky Doo

Our version of the classic jazz dance the Tranky Doo, features sailor costumes and live vocals by Camille and Penny. Choreographed in 1945 by the legendary "Pepsi" Bethel, the Tranky Doo is an important part of the history of American dance. More on this exciting jazz classic can be found here. The Charleens are ready to mess around and boogie forward!

The Shadows

A group fan dance featuring black fans and The Shadow Waltz from the film "Gold Diggers of 1933." Swoon and sway to the haunting and captivating melody while feasting your eyes on extravagant costumes reminiscent of the golden years of vaudeville!

The Parasol Dance

This thrilling Charleston is done with parasols and includes a quick change revealing tuxedo shorts and sequined tops. The Charleens dance to a modern recording of "Japanese Sandman", composed in 1920 by Richard A. Whiting.

Tap Dance Duet

Sing, sing, sing, and dance, dance, dance! Two fabulous tappers perform to one of the best loved hits of Benny Goodman. With the right flooring, this show stopper of a dance will ignite any occasion!

Solo Jazz Fan Dance

Fan dancing combined with old fashioned fancy footwork! Elaborate vintage costumes!

Jazz Age Belly Dance

Amy Elle Bordeaux will show you that yes indeed, there is a place in France. For this jazz age belly dance Amy dances to a rousing rendition of the "Streets of Cairo", by an unknown band, found in an attic somewhere in the midwest on a long forgotten reel to reel player...