A Torrid Tempest of
Terpsichorean Triumph!

An all star dancing revue direct from the Land of Glamour.

The Charleens are a troupe of dance fiends that can be found dancing until dawn, wearing fashions and hairdos of the 1920′s and bringing the jazz age spirit to any type of show. Let us bring you a Ziegfield Follies extravaganza for the modern age featuring finger waves, frou frou and fancy frocks! Do you ever wish you could go to a nightclub and see an old fashioned floor show of dancing dames? Do you ever wish you had that special something to add to your event to really make it standout? The Charleens are a self contained act, tailored to fit in at any event, cabaret, party or nightclub, accompanied by a rotating cast of singers and emcees.

The Tranky Doo

Pepsi Bethel dance

Sailor costumes for The Tranky Doo.

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Happy Feet dance

The Charleens dance to Harlem Twist and Happy Feet with vocals by Camille and Penny!

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The Arabian Black Bottom

The Charleens black bottom dance

A controversial dance of feminine mystique…

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Puttin’ on the Tux

The Charleens wear tuxedotards

The Charleens do the charleston to Puttin’ on the Ritz.

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